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e3 Diagnostics offers ABR equipment for hearing professionals who heavily rely on ABR/ASSR to assess the peripheral auditory system and estimate hearing thresholds of infants and young children. Whether you need to screen a newborn with an ABR hearing test or measure a variety of AEPs and OAEs, we supply the high-quality devices you need. We have portable ABR audiology equipment as well as hardware that seamlessly plugs into a PC or computer workstation.

With touchscreen displays and intuitive software, our sophisticated ABR hearing devices allow practitioners to quickly perform tests on infants and young children using ear cups or disposable ear tips.

Vivosonic Integrity V500

Vivosonic Integrity V500 ABR/AEP System

Customize to your specific needs: ABR Diagnostic, ABR Screening, Cortical AEP, ASSR, DPOAE and TEOAE testing. The wireless patient module is perfect for infant and special needs patients, but it works equally well for adult diagnostics in less than perfect test conditions. The Integrity’s unique technology including the patented SOAP Kalman Noise Handling algorithm, provides superior performance in electrically noisy environments even with calm but awake patients. The wireless patient module sends test data to the clinician’s PC up to 30 ft away and provides safe physical distancing or patient mobility when necessary. The Integrity is portable and ideal for teleaudiology applications.



Integrity V500

Integrity V500 - ABR Introduction

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Clinical Benefits

  • Significantly reduces myogenic and electromagnetic noise in test results
  • Enables testing in electrically noisy environments including OR and NICU
  • Wireless patient module recording simplifies testing and allows mobility
  • Easy setup and no need for manual gain adjustments during testing
  • Noise handling technology avoids pauses during testing
  • Multiple traces and tests in the same test record
  • No need to set artifact rejection thresholds
  • Reduced signal saturation and clipping
  • Compact, portable and well suited for tele-audiology
  • Easy patient preparation
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Save test session as displayed for easy retrieval and printing